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Fundamentals of High-Performance Leadership

Accelerated program: 7 weeks of training, discussion and exercises with  Silicon Valley veterans and certified Executive Coaches.  Classes begin February 24th.

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7 Weeks To Better Leadership

“I struggle to delegate effectively.  Sometimes, I’m too controlling, sometimes too vague."

“I’m stuck in a cycle of conflict with certain staff and colleagues.  It’s stressing me out.”

“My company is  constantly changing and growing. I feel burnt out. I need some models for staying flexible mentally and emotionally."

“I shy away from giving difficult feedback - and my team's performance is suffering  as a result.

“My manager told me that I need to display more 'executive presence' to get to the next level.  I need help with my confidence and image."

Sound familiar?  These issues come up repeatedly in our executive coaching discussions with leaders at all levels.  Leadership is hard!  Being an effective leader requires development of a broad set of skills that can be difficult to master and are often not intuitive.  

This course is designed to greatly escalate your learning and growth as a leader.  It covers topics that are relevant to all levels of current and aspiring leaders including:

- Multiplying remote team effectiveness 

- Building executive presence

- Giving and receiving difficult feedback

- Delegation

- Coaching

- Managing conflict

- Navigating through change

See full detail under "Course Topics" below.


7 live interactive lectures + 2 "Leadership Labs" - $695

Lectures from experts - Engage with the instructors and your peers as we explore the best practices of modern leaders.  The course consists of 7 live lectures delivered each week via Zoom with time provided for sharing and discussion.  Recordings of the lectures are available for review.  Each session lasts an hour. Detailed descriptions of each topic can be found below.

Leadership Labs with peers -  The course will also include 2 live "Leadership Labs".  These 1-hour workshops enable students to gain a greater understanding of the course concepts through creative exercises, practice and discussion.  Leadership Labs will be held following lectures on week 3 and week 6.

Come prepared to share your challenges, advice, and stories, and learn from one another to increase your leadership impact.

Bonus materials - All students will have access to a central portal containing lecture presentation materials, recorded lectures, a library of recommended articles, podcasts and videos, and a summary quick reference guide covering each course topic. 

All materials will be available for 1 full year after the end of the course.

Come prepared to share your challenges, advice, and stories, and learn from one another to increase your leadership impact.


7 personalized leadership coaching sessions - Students interested in individualized attention to maximize their leadership capabilities can combine the course lectures and Leadership Labs with personalized executive coaching.  Coaching is provided by the course instructors, each of whom is a recognized industry leader and a trained, experienced, certified Executive Coach.  Coaching sessions would occur in parallel with course sessions.  Coaching sessions are optional.  Contact us at the email addresses below to discuss your goals and pricing.


Lecture dates:                   Weds, February 24th - Weds April 7th

Lecture time:                    12:00 - 1:00pm Pacific Time

Leadership Labs dates:    Weds, March 10th (following 3rd lecture)

                                           Weds, March 31st (following 6th lecture)

Leadership Lab times:      1:00 - 2:00pm Pacific Time

Personalized coaching sessions are planned directly with the course instructors at times that work for your schedule.

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Meeting Between Colleagues
"The course and the instructors were amazing. The quality of information and practices will help me a lot in my job experience."
"JeanAnn and Tracy provided a great course together. From their lectures to the way they interact with the students, you can tell JeanAnn and Tracy are passionate about people and leadership."
"The instructors are knowledgeable and clearly put a lot of work into the courses. The format is excellent. The platform is great. The instructors keep the attention of the students very well. The topics and contents are excellent."
"Thank you for introducing me to your leadership course. It was very powerful. In fact, I  am on a high with all the powerful content that was shared".
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Business Meeting at a Cafe
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In each session, we'll dive deeply into a single topic.  All sessions will be held via Zoom.  


Students will receive all course materials including recorded lectures, presentation slides, exercises, recommended readings, and quick reference guides for each topic.


As you work your way through the course, you'll create your own "Leadership Log" to apply and retain course learnings.

Session 1  


Session 2  


  • What is it and how do you do it?

  • Developing the necessary mindset, skills and delivery

  • Stoking a reinforcing cycle of Competence and Confidence

  • Techniques to prepare and use 'in the moment'

  • Delegation: A win-win-win when it works

  • When to delegate? To whom? How?

  • Overcoming fear, confusion and the need for control

  • Coaching for performance using the GROW model

Session  3 


  • The neuroscience of feedback

  • Fostering an environment of feedback in all directions

  • Receiving and accepting feedback

  • Giving feedback that will be heard and acted upon

Session 4  


  • Managing your mindset and controlling your emotions

  • Knowing your conflict style - and those of your colleagues

  • Acknowledging recurring roles and patterns

Session 5  


  • Hiring the right people and creating an inclusive culture

  • Creating and communicating a compelling vision

  • Measuring results

  • Understanding the behaviors of Multipliers and Diminshers

Session 7


  • Recap of the key principles discussed in each session

  • Discussion of the inevitable inter-connection between topics

Session 6 


  • Why we resist change

  • Becoming adaptable

  • David Rock's SCARF model

  • Bridge's Managing Transitions

"I highly recommend Tracy Wilk and JeanAnn Nichols' course. When I took their course in Stanford's Continuing Studies program I learned so much and met so many interesting persons."
"Highly recommend this amazing opportunity to learn from two of the finest coaches. I truly enjoyed my experience with this course last quarter and I look forward to more engaging content from Tracy Wilk and JeanAnn Nichols.
"Highly recommend Fundamentals of High Performance Leadership. If you have not taken it already, do sign up and thank me later."
"This is a great opportunity! I am glad I attended it."
"I recommend this course wholeheartedly!"
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Tracy is an Executive Coach. PreviouslyTracy held senior management roles at companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Most recently, he spent twelve years at Google as Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President of Google Payments Corporation and received Google's Great Manager Award. 


JeanAnn is an Executive Coach.  She specializes in coaching women and underrepresented minorities to thrive in the technology sector. She is also a frequent writer and speaker on leadership and executive development.  Previously, she was a Vice President at Intel Corporation, where her career spanned from engineering to sales and marketing.


For more information, contact:

JeanAnn Nichols -

Tracy Wilk -

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